Maurizio Conti

M: +39 02 6203 2178

Maurizio Conti is an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Genoa and a Special Consultant at CEG Europe.

Maurizio is an expert in industrial organization, applied econometrics and benchmarking with 10 year experience in applying econometric techniques to real world issues. His experience combines a solid academic record with significant consulting experience. He previously worked as consultant at Europe Economics’ office in London. His consulting experience ranges across sectors and is particularly focused on regulatory economics and the application of econometric techniques to this field. His research interests are also of relevance for this study. He has recently co-authored two studies on econometric cost benchmarking air navigation service provides for Eurocontrol.

Maurizio received his PhD in Economics in 2004 from Essex University and an MSc in economics at Warwick University. His doctoral thesis focused on the assessment of cost efficiency in the English and Welsh water and sewerage industry.