First zero fines Art 101 case in Italy - The Competition Authority drops all charges on long term car rentals

Apr 18, 2017

At the end of a two-year inquiry, the Italian Competition Authority dropped charges for all of the investigated companies regarding an anticompetitive information exchange in the long term car rentals segment. This is the first instance of a zero-fine proceedings closure for an Art. 101 case in Italy.

CEG expert Barbara Veronese, with outside counsel Silvia D’Alberti and Fabiana Campopiano of Gattai Minoli Agostinelli & Partners, advised a leading player in the provision of long term car rental services in Italy.

CEG submitted a detailed analysis of the broader market competitive forces and of the price determinants in this segment of the mobility services market.

Based on the evidence produced in the proceedings, including the economic assessment of the price and quality proposition determinants in this market, the ICA eventually agreed that no direct or indirect link could be established between the information exchange and the market offering and strategic positioning of the operators. This led the ICA to reach an historic decision by dropping all charges against the investigated companies.