CEG to co-host industry seminar on the future regulatory and legislative agenda for digital markets

Aug 17, 2017

In London on the 11th of September, CEG will be co-hosting an event with Preiskel and Co. It will bring together leading competition and regulatory specialists with an agenda focused on concentrated markets and the forward-looking regulatory and legislative agenda.

Recent developments in Europe (such as the Google case) and in the US (such as the ‘Better Deal’ policy announcement by the Democrats that promised greater regulatory attention on oligopolistic markets) have raised the stakes in the ongoing policy debate on the impact of concentrated Digital markets on consumer welfare and innovation.

Panellists at the event will include Phillip Blond (Director Res Publica), Paul Csiszar (Director DG Competition, European Commission), Dr Mike Walker (Chief Economist, UK Competition and Markets Authority), and Malcolm Harbour CBE (Digital Policy Alliance). Participants will include senior legal, competition and regulatory staff from Sky, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Cityfibre, ICOMP, and GettyImages.

The event will consist of three panel discussions covering (1) Regulation of Oligopoly in telecoms markets: Issues for infrastructure investment, (2) Considerations of concentration on the value chain (use of networks by content players and ISPs and the impact on the market of retail-level dominance/concentration) and (3) Policy responses toward industrial concentration (including additional merger control for Critical National Infrastructure).

Paul Reynolds, Sean Kennedy and the other members of CEG’s Telecoms and Competition teams will be in attendance. Paul will also be moderating the panel on the regulation of oligopoly markets.

Places are limited. Please get in touch with Paul ( or Sean ( if you would like to attend this event.