White Papers
  • A new article on oil and gas developments in East Africa has been published in Breakbulk Magazine.  It was co-authored by CEG Partner Ed Osterwald and Tom Dimitrof of the London-based Infrastructure Development Partnership.

  • CEG’s 2014 analysis of the economics of upgrading and refining in Western Canada shows that an integrated oil sands refinery/petrochemical complex would be profitable if it were built in Alberta. The report, entitled “Upgrading Our Future: The Economics of In-Province Upgrading,” was written by CEG Partners Salman Nissan and Ed Osterwald.

  • "The New Oil Order: Thoughts on how decision makers in national oil companies might adapt........."  READ MORE
  • A new article published in Breakbulk magazine by CEG Partner Ed Osterwald on oil and gas exports in North America.  READ MORE
  • Trends in the oil and gas industry  READ MORE
  • Trends in Global Oil and Gas Prices: Impacts on the Outlook for GTL  READ MORE
  • A report prepared for Eurocontrol "Econometric Cost-Efficiency Benchmarking of Air Navigation Service Providers"  READ MORE
  • A report prepared for Ofcom in their 2009-10 review of Mobile Termination Rates "Mobile Wholesale Interconnection Arrangements"  READ MORE
  • A review of Barriers to Entry in Electricity Generation in Australia  READ MORE
  • On Reforming Universal Service Obligation Policy in Fixed Communications, a report for GSMA Europe  READ MORE
  • Comments on Risk and Returns on NGA Networks  READ MORE
  • This article reviews European and US approaches to the regulation of communications mergers up to 2008. This paper was first published by Sweet & Maxwell Limited in Reynolds, Veronese et al., Regulating Mergers in the Communications Industry in the XXI Century , Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, Issue 6, 2008, and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers  READ MORE
  • Submission to Commonwealth Treasury on Diverted Profit Tax Economic Substance  READ MORE